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Part 1 in this series (CFDJ, Vol. 7, issue 5) discussed the options in the ColdFusion Administrator for configuring the event gateway facility in ColdFusion MX 7 and how to register new event gateway types.
The new release of ColdFusion has some interesting new Java features that just beg for a return and so here we are again! As with the previous series, I'll take the time to cover the basics of these new features before I dig a bit deeper.
Java applets are a much-maligned technology in the Internet world. Originally a major focus of the Java platform, they've retreated from their former place in the spotlight.
In Part 5 (CFDJ, Vol. 3, issue 8), 'Java CFX Basics,' I identified some shortcomings of the CFX model. In Part 7, I demonstrate a number of workarounds and solutions to these problems. In many cases what I present here is viable across the board for all CFX types. However, this series ...
With Java's ever-broadening list of class APIs, your CFX has few limitations.However, shortcomings in the CFX model could make developing solutions a little tricky. Since the ColdFusion server bootstraps CFXs, debugging them poses certain challenges.
Prior to ColdFusion 4.5 a developer could only write CFX tags in a binary language that supported the dynamic linking capabilities of the target platform. For Windows it was C/C++ and Delphi and the like, any language that could create a DLL. For the UNIX platforms, it was pret...
In Part 3 of this series (CFDJ, Vol. 3, issue 4) we looked at the basics of creating and using Java objects in ColdFusion templates.
Without a doubt, one of the most powerful assets available from the ColdFusion and Javamarriage is the simple ability to call up anything from the extensive Java class libraries.
One of the most important lessons to be learned with any Internet technology is to play nicely with others. In the ever-expanding horizons of ColdFusion this means Java and in the scope of this article, servlets.
There are times during the development of a ColdFusion application when CFML is not the best tool for the job. While this might seem to be a contradiction, it's true nonetheless. Allaire recognized this and while CFML has gotten to be a pretty pumped up scripting language, sometimes it...